Apple Nike Watch series 6 40mm – A gift for the people you Love, this Christmas?


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Gifts for the people you love size 40mm Apple Watch Series 6 with a Nike sports strap! Whether you like technology or not, this is a gift that will make heads turn. The recipient is sure to love this one as it will also give a second gift, well that’s if, they do not own an iPhone as yet. You benefit more from the watch if you have an iPhone. Yes, the Apple Nike Watch series 6 40mm is one of the tops of range iPhone accessory in the Apple Watch series that extends the use of the following Apple iPhone products:

What is unique about the Apple Nike Watch series 6 40mm

Talk about killing one bird with two stones, Nike and Apple partner to present this magnificent Watch, an extension of the iPhone – meaning it’s like having your iPhone on your wrist, with additional health and fun elements on with classy Nike spots strap accessory.

The color of the strap is a hard shiny black coal color that is clean-burning, high in carbon content, and low in the volatile matter. The watch casing is a Space Grey Aluminum case. I would have thought of a galaxy Grey titanium case since titanium is considered one of the strongest materials. Well suppose aluminum works better, it is a lighter option, especially if you are going jogging, you would not want to run with “heavy metal”.

Some Specifications

Well you can, the Watch comes with 32 gigabytes (32GB) of space for your music. Listen while on the jog. Get your text and calls all from your wrist on this screen, almost 3cm X3cm in size.

The health features are amazing Accelerometer – measuring your speed, Ambient Light Sensor – (ALS) helps you to view your watch without difficulty from glare or darkness, Barometric altimeter – This measures Air pressure in relation to change in height above sea levels, Blood Oxygen Sensor – this measures the amount of oxygen in your blood. Electrical Heart Sensor – this runs the heart muscle test that monitors to see if your heart rhythm is well and you are not having a heart attack.

Built-in, Eighteen-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery, With Bluetooth, water and dust resistance, and much, much more I could go on and on.


The CEO of Apple had to be stopped while presenting all the wonderful features in their product launch. This awesome product will set you just over the US $500 back. This is a worthwhile gift, for the people you love. Apple sells like hotcakes. This Christmas, spoil your Family member with this awesome Gift.

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