Belgian Swiss Chocolate – Or Swiss Belgian Chocolate Rush!

It is six days before Valentine’s day and you still need to get a gift to your loved one. The is no gift like your first chocolate gift. It really sets the tone for your future with chocolate. Before my first chocolate gift, I already had chocolate bars for the local cafe. It is not the same as the gift-wrapped box of chocolate with your name on a card and a sweet message to you.

One experience close to that was coming back from a Karate class, all tired and worn out and one of my big brother’s friends decided to treat us to a chocolate bar and soda. I think I was about twelve. That memory stayed with me because I had never experienced that kind of generosity from such a young friend.

These are some of the formation days of gifting for me. I realized then that giving brings such joy to the receiver. Even when I got dumped on Valentine’s day, I still rose again to give. It is because of experiencing true generosity.

Back to the chocolate Story.

I got my first taste of good chocolate from my friend who had just returned from a trip from Switzerland. The shape of the box was extraordinary and the size of the chocolate was substantial. And when I bit into the chocolate, the taste was out of this world. I was used to a piece of chocolate that just fades in your mouth, piece lingered in your mouth as if it was never to end. Bursts of milk chocolate are still lingering nostalgia in my memories, in my taste buds, I thought of  My Chocolate Rush!

Well, this is a gift for Valentine’s you can give to friends to enjoy maybe as their first taste of a chocolate gift.

Neuhaus Belgian

Belgian Chocolate Red Heart Tin Praline

10 piece Assortments, Premium Chocolate Gift Box, Romantic Chocolate Gift.

Chocolate Milk and Dark Chocolate Assortments, 10 count


  • Milk Chocolate (sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, flavor (32,2 %)
  • Dark Chocolate (Cocoa mass, Sugar, Butter oil (milk), cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, flavor(17,2%), sugar (15,4%, Hazelnut (13,2%), Cocoa Mass(5,00), Cocoa butter (3,75%).
  • White Chocolate (sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, flavor (3,18%), Almond paste (2,43%)

Brands: Neuhaus

Dimensions: 6,69 X 6,1 X 1,57 inches

Weight: 4,64 Ounces

What is in The Heart Tin

  • The Heart tin is filled with 10 delectable Belgian Chocolate.
  • A great Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary, or just as a gift for the special someone in your life.
  • 10 pieces of Assorted milk chocolate, Dark chocolate, and White Chocolate.
  • The Best quality premium Belgian Chocolate made with sustainable cocoa, all-natural ingredients, non-GMO, no palm oil.
  • Original Belgian Chocolate since 1857.
  • Made entirely in Belgium in an Atelier near Brussels.
  • Imported fresh from Belgium.

Back to my First chocolate gift experience.

The taste that still comes top for me is the taste of Swiss Milk Chocolate. I would buy this as a gift to my loved one, for me or just for a friend. With a triangular shape, a ribbed bar meant for sharing as delicious as ever. Toblerone.

Toblerone Swiss Chocolate.

Well, I only received this one and it is now woven into my mind as the best chocolate ever. However, I will share with you a better deal, and nothing spells a better deal than a Gift set.

The Toblerone Swiss Chocolate Gift Set,

Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate & Crunchy

Salted Caramelized Almond. Your Valentines Chocolate special.

That is none 3.52 oz Bars. Gift-wrap these and send your Valentine to chocolate haven.

  • The balk variety package contains:
  • Three milk chocolate bars.
  • Three White milk Chocolate bars.
  • Three Toblerone Swiss Milk Chocolate with
  • Salted caramelized Almond Chocolate bars.

As you can see I am presenting a challenge. A special Valentine challenge. It is up to you what you go with True Belgian or Iconic Triangular honey-Almond nougat.

I know what I am getting! Both would be a real chocolate feast. That is a great idea, get both and spent an intimate evening with you valentine deciding who takes the crown.

Either way you both win. Two of the world’s best chocolates and time out with your valentine. Make it a special one and share your comments on who was the crown. The Swiss, Belgian, or you and your Valentine.

Happy Valentines Day!


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  1. As a chocolate lover you definitely had me at hello with just the name. I personally never heard of either of them but your description seems promising. You had a fabulous story to tell about where your love of these chocolate started and I love that you have images of the chocolate. These would definitely be an amazing gift for valentines day.

    1. Hi, Sw33t_Mints,
      We are so happy you took the time to look through our site. Hope you could pay us a visit again.

      Till next time.


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