Best Educational Gifts for kids – Teach them to Brush!

Best Educational Gifts for kids – Teach them to brush their teeth daily.

An Apple a day keeps the dentist away. This is not a new concept many of us learned from a very early age that we need to brush and clean our “pearly whites” meaning we needed to get the whites whiter. Thank you to our parents for teaching us. Some of us were diligent and have managed to maintain a great set of whites. But our whites are now plagued by our carefree attitudes of indulging in the delights of this world.

Food makes take a very huge portion of our lives and many of us do not recognize what that means to our Oral health. You are what you eat. Hence the need to keep doing what we have been doing since the days of the Tiny Minute glass, or counting 100 cycles of the toothbrush to make sure we covered the whole surface of our Teeth.

Apart from the fact that brushing our teeth makes sure, we can retain our teeth for longer. It also gives us a chance to enjoy the health results of a great set of teeth.  This is the best educational gift that was given to you when you were taught to brush your teeth.

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I could not smile in my Pictures most of my teens

I only made a conscious decision to smile in my pictures when I was around 20. Before then most of my photos were dull and without life. The reason being I damaged my teeth when I was young.

As a very naughty child full of laughter and slimes and having kept a great regiment with regards to my teeth, I went playing out late at night. Playing a game of leapfrog, I went over my frail friend and landed mouth first. After a tear or two, I was on my way back home; I knew I was in trouble. I was out playing at night when I was supposed to be at home.

I lied and acted as if I fell when I jumped over our wall because our gate was locked. I just had to make it look like I got hurt at home. My parents were happy that I learned my lesson, from that day on, I would never are caught out after dark. Unfortunately, I had lost half a tooth.

The Dentist fixed the tooth and the gold fell off. I went back and the dentist did his magic this time by drilling a gold slit into a perfectly good tooth without my knowledge. I was ok for a long while.  I went to college and graduated. After a year or so the slit broke and I had two broken teeth now. My father was laid off and the was no more health insurance even more so I don’t think I would have qualified for it as I was over 21. Struggling to get a job, meant I had to stay with the broken teeth till I could afford to do it myself.

I went back to not smiling and my photos started dwindling. I don’t think I took photos after that. I got my first job working in Sales. The money was not good, I change career paths and went into the arts. I found a job that was not so bad, a year ln this job, they introduced Medical Insurance. I would pay half of the costs from my salary and the rest would be subsidized by our company.  I had to wait for three months before I could fix my teeth.

I finally did and it was not a great journey. I don’t think I have ever recovered from this ordeal. Thanks to an amazing Dentist Dr. Friedman.

Years later I needed root canals and booth my front top teeth are crowned. I struggled with tooth sensitivity till I got into Sensodyne toothpaste. Now all my sensitivity problems are gone.  It has taken a long time to build my confidence in what it was at one point.

Poor oral health and low self-esteem.

I struggled with self-esteem when my mouth started to smell I Stated using Breath cleaners.  I recently found out that some mouth cleaners kill the enzymes that are responsible for keeping your mouth smelling good. These are products that are found readily on your store shelves. With all my childhood experiences with dentists and all the dental health authorities does with any product that hits the shelves, I rely only on myself and my mouth/teeth.

In conclusions

It is safer to build trust with a dentist that will prove to you through your experience of getting treatment from them that they are the best and they are there for your health and not to line their pockets with the treatment you don’t need. I mean to go to a point of making a decision to harm a good tooth to fix your failure to encore the gold tooth properly.  I remember walking around with a damaged pair of teeth just because I needed to look good. It is however safer these days you don’t need the gold anymore. Good dentists are proving gold false teeth called grills, you don’t have to drill into your good teeth.

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Well, technology has advanced so far that your teeth can be whitened to be so bright you won’t need gold teeth. I think that would be a great gift this Christmas.

Thank you once more for reading.


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