Chopped Chocolate Rush – When Was You Last Chocolate Rush

Chocolate Rush.

Some say chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Women and chocolate are inseparable. When you eat this delicacy, you are sure to remain nourished for a long while. All these are the reason why chocolate is found in every conned on Earth, in any form you can find.

Firstly we have to understand that this eluding substance is a plant. The cacao beans are treated and prepared before they can be ground into powder. From there the coco plant can be changed into many forms that keep the whole world on edge for our next fix.

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The question is in which form do you prefer your fix. There are plenty let look at possibilities.

  • Chocolate slab.
  • Hot chocolate.
  • Ice cream Chocolate
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Chocolate brownies.
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Chocolate chip cookie.
  • Chocolate Souce
  • Chocolate sprinkles
  • Chocolate milkshake
  • Chocolate candy

The list is endless and I have just been looking at the direct applications of the plant. There are medicinal uses and culinary uses and many other uses that we might not really know of and everyone has their favorite. What is yours?

The origins of chocolate.

No one knows exactly where and when we started to use chocolate. Study shows that the Theobroma Cacao or usually known as the Cacao tree is an evergreen plant produced seed/beans that produce Chocolate Liquor, Cacao Solid, Cocoa Butter and of course chocolate.

Wikipedia says the Ivory Coast was the world’s largest producer of Cacao beans in 2018, producing over 37%of the world’s cacao. Over 1200 seeds are required to produce 2,2lb of cacao paste. This will demand planting plants that start seeding after 4-5 years to be planted over 25,196,660 acres around the world.

These numbers are proof of how much cacao is consumed all over the world each day.

Well, it all supposedly started, or rather the earliest signs of chocolate consumption dated back to post-colonial Mexico, dating from the 19th century BC. Chocolate beverages were made and consumed by the majority of the Mesoamerican, including the Aztec and Maya people. The origins of the word chocolate come from the classical Aztec word Xocolatl.

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My family’s favorite uses.

My daughter prepares the most delectable brownies, and we are privileged to enjoy these every week. The smell of chocolate in our home is revitalizing. Our three-year-old daughter will always ask the big sister to make some brownies and put some chocolate in them. There is nothing like Brownies and Homemade Icecream desert after a very great meal.

I indulge my family once in a while with cacao pancakes and chocolate sources made from cacao powder sugar and butter. There is nothing that tops chocolate Pancake Saturdays at the Rats’.

Birthdays are no strangers to chocolate mayhem. If there is no Chocolate cake it is not a birthday. Chocolate muse, Dark chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate, and coffee cake Yum!

Chocolate as an aphrodisiac.

The idea of chocolate as a form of sex drive stimulator is really not true. Yes, there may be traces of chemicals like tryptophan which is a building block of serotonin which is a brain chemical involved in sexual arousal. There are so few traces that researchers conclude it may be a more psychological thing than a physiological fact.

I can agree with that. Valentine’s Day is celebrated by lovers and they will drink Wine, eat Chocolate and eat Caviar or even oysters, these are predominant lover’s food and they are all consumed in the presence of the thought of making love and copulation. On their one maybe not so much of an aphrodisiac but together with the thoughts of sex, you have a winner. Then yes, chocolate becomes an aphrodisiac, mentally.

What is chocolate to me?

While growing up, we used to invite our girlfriends to our homes and the visit would be graced by Biscuits and a litter of soda. A boy would then keep taffy with chocolate at the center, I vividly remember the brand of these sweet “taffy lax” or was it “Cadbury’s éclair”. I can’t remember but at the end of the visit, a girl would be presented with chocolate cantered eclairs, and the girl who received it would then be the chosen Girlfriend.

Those were simple times, these days chocolate is expensive and comes in all shapes and sizes. To impress a girl will take more than just Chocolate Centered Eclairs. Regardless of the change in times chocolates still make the best gift to anyone.

A gift of chocolate.

There is an elite group of individuals called chocolates. These talented culinary gods have to go through rigorous training in order to become what they are. In order to make confectionery from chocolate, you have to have studied the culinary arts in chocolate. It is a whole science of its own.

Traditionally, to become a chocolatier you would train under a qualified chocolatier as an apprentice. And many chocolates would have started as confectionery or pastry chefs first, some background in working in the culinary industry, specifically with chocolate would earn you the stripes to joining the league of chocolate gods.

These are not easy skills to pick up Chocolate making, tempering, Molding. The Cultivation of the Chocolat Plant, the History of Chocolate are some of the studies you would engage with to become a chocolatier. Now when you become one the Gifts you will be able to bring to the world is infinite.

The art of chocolate making.

This is a rare talent only the best of the best can qualify to participate in The Art of Chocolate Making. When I am in my kitchen I sometimes feel like I am an artist. But what I am talking about goes beyond just a home kitchen artistry. There is a World Championship that is held to crown the best Chocolatiers in the world. These are chocolate Architects, artists that can bring the Eiffel tower, The Tajma Hall, The Guggenheim to life in chocolate. It takes years to become a master Chocolatier and appreciate all the learning each time I indulge in well-crafted chocolate.

Thanks To The Master Chocolatiers.

With skills like that, the consumer sector has infinite possibilities to choose from. We can enjoy chocolate in the most extreme ideas ever. Rivers of chocolate are no more a thing of the past/stories/ dreams, as in Willie Wonka’s Chocolate confectionery. We are now able to build our own flowing chocolate fountain at our Buffett Tables. The uses are grand, car-shaped; fruit formed from chocolate, and even life-size human images in chocolate. Talk about the chocolate Museum.

Too much of anything is too much.

There are studies that have proven that apart from the negative light that chocolate is put under; some dark chocolates that are with less sugar have higher concentrations of organic ingredients from the cacao plant, containing biologically active Phenolic compounds that have proven great for one’s health.

Some life-threatening reactions like anaphylaxis are best avoided by not eating chocolate at all, while some elegies could be from another ingredient that is used in the synthesis of chocolates, not necessarily from chocolate. It is a good idea to consult an allergist to learn more about your elegies, they could be related to something else other than chocolate. But have prevented you from enjoying chocolate all these years.

From me to you and from you to your loved ones.

When you think of giving a chocolate gift, remember that there are so many great variants of this wonderful indulgence. When you decide on a plain slab of chocolate, as great that is, think of all the amazing possibilities as well. Remember our training on gift-buying and gift-giving.

I see it every time I bring my loved ones a slab of chocolate, regardless of how simple a slab could be, their look as they break into true decadence, is priceless. It uplifts their spirit and brings joy. When someone is down, Chocolate could be a good source of cheer.

I remember very well traveling on a bus from Johannesburg to Cape Town. The 18hour journey would not be so bad, with a slab of smooth chocolate. The calories would keep my energies up and the sheer taste would lift my spirit up as we drove into the depressing night through the Karoo.

In conclusion.

No matter why you enjoy the delicacy, whether you like it wet or hard. Any form will do. Chocolate has been around for centuries and seems like it is here to stay. I feel for those who suffer allergies from this great, my daughter included. Well, we found out that she only needs to avoid nuts and lactose in chocolate. She can now basically enjoy the greater part of the chocolate world with no worry.

Whether you are a chocolate lover or not, just like me, you can find out how best to consume chocolate and not be affected as I do. On slab to ten liters of water and I am OK. Hot chocolate with milk, I can handle cups with no stress, I only need t to be careful, how much sugar goes in it. Chocolate ice-cream gives me no problem. There is chocolate made for you out there. Go out and find your make and enjoy.

Thank you, for taking the time to read, we hope that, this post has brought some sweetness into your day today. Please feel free to leave a comment and share with us. What is your chocolate rush?


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  1. Excellent article; I really enjoyed the reading. Thank you for sharing it.
    My children also bake a lot of chocolate cakes on the weekend, and we love it too.
    Contrary to what many people think, chocolate is very healthy if it doesn’t contain sugar and milk. Also, chocolate has a lot of magnesium, which is very good for the brain.
    I love white, brown, and dark chocolate, but I only eat dark Ones. 90% cacao “Godivas” 🙂 It’s from Belgium, one of the best chocolate in the world, everyone should try it.
    However, every time I am invited to a party I bring chocolate as a gift and my friends are always pleased.

    1. Thank you, Daniella.

      I can see you have found your Chocolate Rush and it is the best because you share it with your family and friends. Chocolate gifts are amongst the best and I do certainly agree Belgian chocolate is also, amongst the top in the world. 

      Thank you for sharing your chocolate rush with us at Gifts and Holidays.


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