Christmas a time for giving gifts – Are you ready?

Valentines Day gifts for her – Are they not for him?

The time for sharing is approaching very fast. It times to start executing the great plan. Remember your formulas to greater success. It is important to start having those conversations with your loved ones if you have not stated.

Buying and giving gifts is an All year-long task. You only do it if you love it. if you still feel like it’s too hard to do, you should get a professional to it for you. There are not so professional many Gift buyers out there. So you might just have to become one for yourself.

Here is your first lesson.

3 steps to buying a great gift.

Know who you are buying for!

  • It might seem mundane at first but you can be surprised at how many people will get the color incorrect just because they did not check the sex of their gift recipient. Body size, high, finger size, etc.
  • Favorite sports, hobby, music, color, food, etc. all things favorite.
  • You can never have enough information on this so it is best to make a list. Remember this is a revolving list. You are going to buy gifts for your three-year-old till they are somewhere in the late 30. Even then you might share the list with your in-laws to continue the legacy of great gifts.

What to buy.

  • With your knowing who you are buying for the list, you have to narrow the fields. What to buy. This will be influenced by the savings that would have started on, and you have drawn up a detailed budget.

Last where to buy the gift.

  • Maintaining a good relationship should not be that much of a job. If you are generally nice, though you would have maintained good relations wherever you go.
  • Keeping good relations help with perks when you eventually need favors. You could get great prices, a discount or even get the last turkey on the last day when there is no more stalk. Who do you think the butcher will slaughter between you, the great customer who chats nicely to the staff at the shop, always polite, or the grumpy angry old hag from the front of the aisle.
  • Kipping a good relationship with shops will make it easy when you have to go shopping.

So Let’s go get the awesome gifts, Christmas is around the Conner. Merry Christmas.

Yours in Christ,


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