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The best place to be during the day is in your manicured garden. Not many of us have the luxury of enjoying this and there is absolutely no reason why any family should be without an oasis in their space. I grew up seeing my Gogo doing work in the garden. That is the only reason I still enjoy rubbing my hands in the dirt. Our schools also had a gardening program that inspired a love for the outdoors.

We are living in a time where our children are slowly being drawn away from seeing the importance of being one with nature. More and more schools are dropping their gardening programs due to a loss of interest. I one of the movement lessons I asked learners where the fruit came from? To my surprise, 90% said from the grocery shop. Though that may be true I was expecting “from a fruit tree Sir”.

Well, I tried and extended the question to the class. Before the shop where was the fruit and the response would be “from the Market Sir”. The investigation would go on and we would go on to ask about seeds. Eventually, we get to a point where we acknowledge trees and plants as where fruit comes from. The process clearly shows me there is not enough knowledge of planting. The schools will give a couple of science projects on planting seeds. That is not enough.

Why is cool to Plant.

With the number of trees being cut and deforestation, the world needs people who are conscious about planting. We breathe what is generously given by plants; it would be a shame if we forget that important fact. It’s cool to the garden because it gives us Oxygen.

For me, it is just the best thing to do. The smell of the first rains on the dry dirt. It is like waking up to a mountain due in your room. I remember turning earth with Gogo and blessing the seeds and throw them over the prepared ground. When the seeds sprouted it would be the most exhilarating experience.

Why not gardening?

When we let our gardens overgrown with weeds or we stop pruning our plants, then it becomes more and more difficult to find our way back and clean up. That makes everyone hate going into the garden to do work. Some people would blame this on their allergies. I had an allergy to seeds of a kind of Planetree; this should have stopped me from doing work in the yard. I think by persisting and doing what I liked doing that I ended up curing my allergies.

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It may be seen to be insensitive but I do allow my children their allergy medicine. That is how they are being brought up. We might have had ignorant guardians who led us to believe there were not allergies and we might have grown to avoid the truth about our allergies but ignorance has been bliss as I am able to work in my yard filled with Planetree itchy balls.

The fruit of your labor.

When we moved into our home in 2005, we had an idea that gardening was possible. We moved into a semi-detached house with a very minimal yard. We had no plants what so ever. The plane tree outside the yard had some earth around it and it did not look like we could be able to plant anything there. I could not even afford to buy some decent plants.

How I started this garden has made me learn to appreciate the possibility of planting from nothing. I picked plants on the side of the road and replanted and transplanted them. Now our sidewalk is very much interesting to look at. I brought picked up old tyers and got earth from local parks when they were digging. I started planting herbs and some smaller vegetables this has allowed us the pleasure of fresh herbs for our meals. These were surprisingly easy to grow in our tires. We had Parsley, Coriander, Mint and some Basil. We also plant Spinach, Potatoes, and tomatoes. It is such a pleasure to harvest your own produce. Save 10% on Citrus trees with code CITRUS

Gifts for the gardener.

I never bought tools I have always used what was there. There is nothing as exciting as using new garden tools. I bought a small fork and spade and shares. I started pruning and took my gardening to the next level. There is way more to tools than my starter Pack. Depending on what you have. It is best to know what you can buy for which size of the garden. Imagine getting a lawnmower for me and I don’t even own a lawn. The best bet would be a pack of seeds. That would be a Cool Gift for me.

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  1. I like your blog and posts I adore flowers and I work in a farm pharmacy. I would like one day to have a florist and start my own business. There is nothing more beautiful than growing and caring and flowers make a man feel great and it is good for human health. Every psychologist recommends. I wish you a lot of success in your further work and progress more than before. Greetings from Serbia, go-ahead

    1. Puno vam hvala što ste odvojili vreme da pročitate moj post. I wish you well with your dream to be a florist. I love the healing effect of the outdoors and being in the garden. I am glad you share the same sentiment. Wish you all the best in Serbia. Please call back.

      Срећни празници,


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