Do you give gifts? If you Answer Yes! Why? If No is your Answer, Why?




What is your Take?

Every one response to this question is influenced by our History with Our family of origin. Some may simply say no because they never received gifts in their upbringing. Some might say yes because they grew up receiving gifts all the time. Both these answers may have or have not been influenced by Socio-Economic Challenges. Hence, it is important to understand the reasons bend being a Gift Giver or not.

Growing up I received gifts about a hand full of times. I remember it slightly to a point, I actually thought I never received any at all. But my recollection says between one and five-time I did. My parents worked for a company that was called STC then. The company evolved to what ended up as Alcatel.

Remember Budget/Plan for your Gifts.

During the year our parents would select gifts/ toys for me and my siblings. There would pay for them in small installment, till the end of the year. A big Fest would be held and all the families would bring a picnic basket to their place of work. They had a great big field and there we would feast and go on a train ride around the place of work. At the end of the day we the parents would collect our presents. When we got back home, we would open them in celebration.

Since then I made an effort to give gifts when I could afford them. During my early travels, I would go buying souvenirs to bring home to my loved ones.

We can always make a Plan

So whether I had money or not I would make an effort. The economy has not been kind to many of us hence we are looking for greener pastures at the new work I and doing writing and sharing my life pearls with you. I have had Christmas celebrations where I could not afford to get the kid anything. I put it this way because there would always be a blessing and the kids would get something.

I have had friends who talked down on Holiday and the commercialization thereof, Me included. That they were all a ploy to make money. I think it was when I had none to buy a gift. My wife would rather have no gifts than overspend on things we don’t’ need. She is more pragmatic.

What are the dynamics In your household? Are your Pro Gifts or not And Why? #giftsandholidays or #nogiftsandholidays. What is your take?

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