Easter Basket Gift Sets – zChocolate Easter Mix.

Brand Name:  zChocolat.

Product: zChocolat – Easter Mix

Website: www.zchocolate.com

Product Price: $205.99.

Founder:  Co-Founder and CEO Jean-Philippe Khodara.


Since its inception in 2000, the founder of zChocolat Jean-Philippe Khodara sorted after the best quality artisans to lead in the design and manufacture of this world-class chocolate brand.  The extraordinary chocolate made with high-quality natural ingredients, uncompromised standards, and exceptional flavors was the result.

Based in the Forcalquier, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, in France, zChocolat has had an impressive development over 20 years, with their signature recipes sweet-salty, Caramel, and hazelnut.  Through the years they have continued to grow. Providing customer satisfaction, a positive online marketing presence, the company is set for the future.

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The Master chocolatier.

The World Champion Chocolatier was the obvious choice to assist in this quest to create world-class chocolate that quickly earned respect around the world. Pascal Caffet, born in 1962 into a patisserie, Pascal grew up surrounded by aromas and the artistry of top confectionary skills. Caffet has always known from an early age that his future would be in the food industry.

Pascal’s fascination with different flavors was passed on from father to son. At 12 years old Pascal left for Paris where he continued his culinary development with Peltier. While working to be the best in the business he returned home after losing his Father. Pascal continued to work towards becoming the Chocolatier.

The best ingredient for the best Chocolate.

Pascal selects his ingredients from the best in the world; he is prepared to search high and low to find the best. Ingredients from New- Zealand to Brazil, Guatemala to Madagascar, and from Venezuela to New Guinea can only be the best. With his life motto “The best chocolate is the one we like the best” no wonder he will go to the ends of the world to get the best.

The French are a proud nation and take pride in the Wine, their food, and most certainly in their Chocolate. The zChocolat is a handmaid and maintains a tradition of an authentic zChocolat shape all made by the world champion Chocolatier, Pascal Caffet.

Dark Chocolate – “The impertinent one” is the most popular, with intense Madagascan and Venezuelan 70% dark chocolate couverture. Encased with caramel and crunchy praline. The Praline composed of slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts.

White Chocolate – “The milky way” Is velvety white chocolate coverture encasing a double of caramel and crunchy praline, with sweet and salty Caramel with Madagascan Bourbon-Vanilla.

Milk Z Chocolate – “Share Fantasy” 40% Ivory Coast Chocolate milk Couverture a dual lush caramel and crunchy praline of slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts.

zChocolat Easter Mix.

This is an Easter Gift of epic proportion.  Coming with two boxes of Easter eggs, two boxes of solid chocolate, and two boxes of Praline.  The best way to wish your loved ones a blessed Easter. Of Couse with world-class packaging, one of zChocolat best selling points, the high-class packaging that sets this cholate icon apart.

QTY: 146 pieces

Wight: 800g

Gift box: 316 x 392 x 260mm

Like any company there are challenges, let’s look at some Pros and Cons.

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  • Rated the best chocolate store in 2020
  • Malty award-winning Chocolate Company
  • Recognized by Forbes as “best of the web”


For a company that is determined at being the best and listens to its Customer needs and improves on them. It is not easy to find cons that last long enough to be stated as cons.

===>View Video Customer satisfaction at its best<===

The Gift of Giving is the best gift ever.

zChocolat gives a Covid19 promise: for any purchase of the Easter mix of six assorted zChocolat, you will receive an additional six packs that you can send to the recipient of your choice. You will be allowed to keep your free pack for your next purchase and can be sent yourself to or a charity of your choice.

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My take on zChocolat.

This is a company that has showed resilience and commitment to its customers. The formula for the success that it has archived thus far.  Jean-Phillipe has taken it upon himself to bring only the best and the best is what’s being achieved.

Pascal Caffet is the best at what he does and the combination is the reason for excellence. The idea of embracing tradition and creating a lifelong look that becomes iconic as it reaches greater heights. Eventually, it will as it continues to do so.

The design can be iconic and still be cutting edge and the packaging imperial could be a ted bit less bulky.

This is one product that is well priced regarding all that goes into it. “A world Class zChocolat”.

Brand Name:  zChocolat.

Product: zChocolat – Easter Mix

Website: www.zchocolate.com

Product Price: $205.99.

Founder:  Co-Founder and CEO Jean-Philippe Khodara.

Overall Rank:  07 out of 100.

120x600 Romantic Collection
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  1. Easter is synonymous with chocolate and there is nothing better than quality chocolate like those that you will find with zChocolat. With a price tag of $205.99, this Easter basket is indeed at the high end of the market. It does seem to be very expensive if there are only 800 grams in the basket. Would this price include delivery, or is delivery a separate cost on top of it?

    1. Hi Line,

      I do agree, the zChocolat is on the high end of the market and so is the quality of the product! Shipping is not included in this price, there is an additional $21.81 for shipping worldwide. There is an incentive that you might have missed, you do get a free gift set with this purchase.  You get two for the price of one.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and I wish you a happy Easter with your Family.


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