Easy Homemade Gifts – Everyone can take part.

It is easier to swipe and pay at check out. Many prefer to do that especially when we have plenty of money in our pockets. Why should we bother with cutting knives, Scissors. Paper, paint, string, beads, etc. These are all simple materials that you can find available at home at any given time. These are easy homemade gifts and we can all make them.

Why make gifts if we can just buy them.

Homemade is the best because you make them from the heart. They say the best gift you can give to someone is your time. There is no better way to show that you care by sacrificing time to make something great for your loved ones. I think buying stuff is a cop-out from doing something that is really worthwhile.

My first homemade gift.

When I was about twelve, we were given the challenge to create something for our loved ones. We made paper flowers that we sprayed with perfume at the end and gave them to whomever we chose. I naturally gave mine to my Mom. I learned then that making something with your hands is the best thing to give. I immediately started on the Message card/ greetings card. I only made two and after completing them I so much wanted them to feel more real than I even drew bar codes and hand-drawn Hallmarks logo on them. It felt so great to give one to Mom and the other to my Dad. I cannot remember if they were happy for them or not. But for me, I felt I could archive anything with the correct tools.

My first camp.

This experience was a bit difficult as I had to coordinate the first camp I went on. At sixteen my priest invited me to do work with our youth group and this was one of my major first activities. We took about thirty teenagers to a camp in Swaziland. Some of our activities were writing massages and posting them throughout our camp duration. These were awesome messages that we read when we got back home. We also made friendship bands that we exchanged. These were both simple ideas that can create a great atmosphere during the festive season.

My first Jewelry.

As I was walking in the streets of Amsterdam looking for souvenirs on my first trip to Holland I came across a bead shop that you could make your own jewelry. I spent hours in the shop and what I created in that shop would be one of my Wife’s best pieces for a while.

My first loaves.

A few years back I started making my own bread. What started as an experiment, to see if I could make a loaf, became a way of life. Since my loaves have graced wedding tables, braai feast, and any family gathering. I call them gifts of bread from the heart.

Everyone can take part.

These are all easy and you can start by taking inventory of your extraordinary gifts that each one of us possesses and shares them with the world.

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