Gifts for People You Love – How to get the right Gift?

Gifts for people you love – how to get thoughtful and unique gifts?

GettiLight Gift Boxng gifts for people you love can be a daunting exercise. Because you love them you want to do something wonderful and special for them, no pressure!

Sometimes you can be over-anxious and worried if they will like or even accept your gift. That is why many of us might not like the idea of buying gifts for people we love.

What are the challenges of buying a good gift?

There are a number of tasks you will have to deal with before you buy the best unique Gift.

  • Know who the gift is for.
  • What is your Budget for the Gift?
  • Engage the recipients.
  • Where to get / to buy your gift?
  • How you present the gift.

One of the first mistakes we make is rush off and buy the most expensive, big, and extravagant of them all. This is usually informed by our perception of what we think could be good or best for the person the gift is meant for. Not realizing that we are literally trying to live vicariously through the recipient.

Who is the gift for?

Taking yourself out of the equation won’t solve the problem as you are buying these gifts for the people you love. So the love you share with the recipients is a vital aspect of this equation.

What is the budget for purchasing your gifts?

In this economy, many are struggling to make ends meet. Buying something you have not planned for might set you back and leave you in debt. Some say that money is not a question until you find yourself in debt. As we know this does not apply to the man who gave one of the most expensive gifts ever. I am not sure if it was for the recipient or the giver. Mughal Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal, a palace to house the tomb of his favorite wife. He was also laid the Taj Mahal. This is a gift that is worth more than US $900 million. I guess money was not a challenge in this buy.

Engage the recipients

This is the most difficult thing to do. It is more difficult if you do not leave with the gift recipients, the trick is to get your Intel without making the recipient aware they are going to get a gift. This ties in with how you present the gift, we will talk more about this later. Being a good listener is one of the traits of good gift-givers. When we desire something, we tend to subconsciously communicate our inner wishes. Listen when your loved ones speak about things that interest them. This is when you get the right Intel and you can plan for the best gift. Some recipients are crafty and manipulative; they will leave a trail of bread crumbs that will lead you to what they desire. The way to handle this is to allow them to lead astray and try to get them what they ask for and make it more special. One thing I learned is that you cannot always please the manipulative recipients the best sometimes is to spoil the surprise and sit them down and ask them in detail what they would like as gifts.

Where to buy the best gifts

The shop will always claim to be the best at everything the only way you can cut through the nonsense is to visit the shop and find out for yourself. That is not always the case sometimes you cannot travel to the physical store. Online shopping presents similar challenges. You do not necessarily have to travel to the shop. But you can try to engage with the online shops say once buying smaller gifts and put the shopping experience on trial until the online store proves its worthiness. Reviews and ratings are a good way to test services. But the best is to do your own assessments.

How to present your Gifts

This is an opportunity that is often lost, to personalize your gift. Gift wrap can be 80% of what the gifts are. How the recipients unwrap their gift is part of the gift. Sometimes we buy expensive gift wrapping paper and we act anxious and dubious next to the recipients. That might spoil the recipient’s excitement and make opening the gift torment. It is best to allow the recipient to open their gift when they are free to do so with no pressure. Rather, use cheaper paper, it does not make sense, why you would wrap a gift with paper that is more expensive than the gift itself and create awkward energy during gift opening. This is the moment of truth you should make it as relaxed as possible. Surprises are great when executed well. They might create expectations sometimes tension and if the gift is not right, the moment might be spoiled.


Giving a gift is an art that takes years to be developed. The key is to love and care for our deserving recipients. That alone is motivation enough to create a budget in the first place and to splash and go out of the way to make somebody happy on their Anniversary. So whether the gift is for, Christmas, Thanksgiving, for Love on Valentine’s Day, or for any of those deserving occasions. Make it special and be thoughtful. Remember it is not about you, even though we get such a rush when our gifts are received well. Give good gifts.



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