Some believe that this is a miracle, the first that Christ performed, turning plain water into wine. It must be a good thing to have. While medical practitioners might suggest you have a glass with your meal, some will change the sentiment and have a whole bottle alone. Maybe a bottle to share leans more to what the Doctor ordered.

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New wine in new skins – Old wine in old skins

The first encounter with alcohol was not a pleasant one. I would, later on, have similar encounters, through my youth. They were really unpleasant. I think it is because I placed old wine in my very new skin. Like you know Old wine will break the new skin and vice versa.

My body was broken many times so I learned to wait till now. As an older person, I can handle the Old wine in my slightly old skin. They say wine matures with age. I should have learned this first then I would wait till I was matured.

Benefits and loss of organs

Wine is a delightful experience, I have seen the joys that are brought about by wine. They do not always end well – and that is a loss of limb. While traveling by Transkaroo from Johannesburg to Cape Town, I indulged in some dinner and a bottle of red wine a Cabernet Sauvignon of some brand. An old English man joined my table and started throwing some pearls. I indulged, as I listened, The old man glanced at how I was pleasuring my palate with this blood-like fluid. I noticed and I offered a glass. S

Cirrhosis of the liver said the Old geyser. I was captivated as he unrolled the story that would shape my outlook on drinking wine. One more experience would scar me when I disembarked at my destination to embark on my studies.
As a student, I wanted to share my wisdom. That I had my first drink at two years and I had traveled the world and I knew nothing about Wine.

The origins of this special drink.

At 18 I traveled to the south of France, to a village called Taize. Some of the best moments of my life were engraved in this village. An Ecumenical monastery, the place that molded many youths at that time to be great global citizens. There was a pub or rather a cafe by the name Oyak! Youths from all walks of life frequented this place. At a go you would at the table the united nations sharing a glass of wine, at any poi you would have Germany, Finland, New-Zealand, Chile, France, and of course South Africa, having a great time, sharing a glass of wine with a bowl of olives. This is where I learned that Champagne is only from a specific area in France called Champagne, the rest is just sparkling wine. There are great places like Wine Clubs where you can learn more about wines. I know my daughter would like such a place with her interest in learning about wine like wine experts.

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A drink was share with the company that cared and had your back. Two years later landing in Cape Town for my final year, I experience the worst time drinking with a group of students in Architectural Technology. We were designing a space in the Northern Cape an area is known as Alexco -Alexander Bay. The land had been raped mining for diamonds and we wear called to revive the space. One of the Evenings I indulged in wine in a box, a great big No! No!

Well, this time it was not with friends. I would like to think that one was my dear friend. I woke up with pie on my face.

Enjoy your Wine with Friends and Family.

In conclusion, a glass of good wine is as good as the people you will share it with. Good company great Wine. Boxed is exactly what it suggests. Some people keep a box and fill it into a 750ml bottle. I suppose it is a method of moderation that can make boxed wine good. With time my skin has grown old and as a father, you learn about Alcohol-free wines and Sparkling wines. Now all the wine moments are with family or friends over a good bottle of wine. If you receive Wine as a gift, ask if the giver has had the wine and ask for a review. Paying a lot of money does not make wine great though it might give that illusion.

I read up on wine and learn the basics and share a good wine as a gift with your Loved ones.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this article, giving wines as gifts are always very nice, but in some places around the world it is controversial. I always gift wines though but the type of wine has always been my problem as there are a whole lot in the market today and it needs great skill to know the good brands. Thanks again. 

  2. This is. Areallybgood advice for you to give me at this time I’m what the. Eat wines are to gift to a friend and I think that it is also very nice that you can tell us what is so good about wines that we have to give it to people as well. Love how you are able to tell is all this baout wines because I’m not so much of an enthusiast.

    1. Hi Jackie, i am glad you love the wine post. I hope you found something you can use or think about when you buy your next Wine Gift. What kind of information would make it easier for you and to be more comfortable when you buy a wine?
      I appreciate your words.


  3. Thank you, Collins, for your you lovely comments. It is interesting that some cultures might see a wine Gift as, controversial. I will definitely look into that. Thanks.

  4. Yes! We give gifts at Christmas. However, this year I plan on buying all gifts from our local stores! I also plan on saving a bit of money, by making some Christmas gifts this year.  I think a well thought out homemade gift, or a well thought out locally bought gift goes a long way and can mean a lot to someone.

    Thanks for this blog post!


    1. Hi Anna,

      Thank you for taking the time to read our post.  Local and homemade gifts are the best and thoughtful of them all. Please do drop a comment and share about some of your ideas for a homemade gift. 

      Happy Holidays,


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