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The website that you are on was a gift to me and my family from the bottom of my heart. It is meant to create wealth for my family, especially now in the time of covid. This is a new environment that many of us are not aware of the possibility of an income. But with Courage, Perseverance, and hope I have managed against all odds. I meant to write this post intending to offer an opportunity to a family member who is into this new environment but still needs direction. It does not help to feel disappointed and talk negatively about these new opportunities. We can only realize the wealth hidden in Online Business.

This is a new way for the future. If your member is into gaming, blogging, making videos on YouTube, many families see these as pipeline dreams. Something not worthy of the honor of calling them a job, be a great family member and give an Online Business Gift.

What is an Online Business?

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There are loads of these jobs that are emerging. I used to say to my students they have to learn new skills and prepare themselves for a new frontier. That, their jobs are still not defined. That time is now the World Wide Web has millions of new opportunities. I decided to create this website as a way to share my passion for giving and sharing, was born.

The website was born through the help and training from the Wealthy Affiliate. A community that provides training and support to anyone who would like to venture into Online Business. This wonderful gift will cost only $ 475 for the whole year. Enough time to kick start an online business until is self-sufficient. Visit this post to read more about how to be part of this Online Business Gift.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit or a Scam ?

Which programs will do?

The are many programs on offer and all of them sell themselves as the best of them all. What is best to do is to do your Due Diligence. This is what you do each time you read one of our reviews before you buy great gifts for your loved ones. Well, it also depends on what level of Online business is your loved one. One topic that will always be at the forefront for online publishers will be SEO tools. Search Engine Optimization tools are the way to put any Online Business on top. One of the best tools is Jaaxy – A keyword Searching tool that will help you write up post the will be indexed on Google and ranking on the top pages in no time. Jaaxy will set you back $ 999 for a year. Read up more about this program.

How to use a keyword research tool?

A gift to anyone in the family.

When I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate I thought I was joining an elite group of supper gigs that did nothing but work online. To my surprise, there were not only supper gigs but, there was every member of the family. The environment though it is for someone over the age, anyone can be able to create and become Online masters. As an Affiliate, you can make money on the line from a very young age. Your parent’s guidance is always the best support you will ever need. That is if you are under-age.

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Most of my friends at WA are retired and are fulfilling dreams that they never thought they would be fulfilled at this age and time, moreover from online businesses. This is a gift to any member of the family.

How is this a gift?

Unemployment is a problem in many countries and one of the reasons for that is we are all looking for conventional ways to earn a living. These are opportunities that will get many employed, especially in these times that many are looking for an easy way out. However, this is not an easy way out. There is a need to do real work. Real hard work. The easy in it is only the fact that you will be doing what you like. Many people hate the jobs that they are in and it is because they are not happy doing what they do not like for an income. Now imagine earning from doing exactly what you love, and the thought of being your own Boss is a bonus.

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Which gift to give.

We have explored the first two Gifts.

Wealthy Affiliate






Product: AWeber.




Price: Free 30 day trial, $ 19 per month for under 500 subscribers, and more for over 500 subscribers.

Founder: Tom Kulzer, CEO AWeber.

Overall Rank: 10 out of 100



This company was founded in 1998 by Tom Kulze to help SMEs to communicate and interact better with customers through permission-based emails. This product will assist the owner with email-based marketing.

With AWeber plugins, you can grow your mailing list by:

  • Creating amazing landing pages and sign-up forms on your WordPress website. (This will make a great gift for someone who is already a member of Wealthy Affiliate as their websites are WordPress Sites).
  • This plugin becomes one with your website with seamless integration.
  • Adding your visitors to your AWeber account.
  • Your sign-up forms are tracked to see performance improvements.

How do you do this:

Add AWeber to your existing WordPress site.

Learn what is working and what’s not working to optimize the use of your sign-up forms.

Group your visitors according to their interests and how they interact with your site.

You do not have to be a technical guru to use the Plugins.

You can communicate with AWeber to get a step by step integration instructions with your WordPress site.

Some Pros will Include.

  • Easy integration with your WordPress website.
  • Subscriber information kept confidential.
  • Helps organize your Audiences according to their interest, an advantage you can use when planning your campaigns.
  • Gives access to Newsletter templates that are easy to use.

Some Cons.

Takes some patience in learning to use design/creating programs for landing pages.

Your loved ones will appreciate you taking time to learn and understand their field of expertise and they will be able to take their business to the next level. You can also be at a great advantage to acquire this program should you choose that their three gifts are worthy of you.

For a family member who needs direction or motivation to think about the future and to secure revenue for years to come a gift of Online Business is not such a bad idea. Well, if you are already in the Affiliate business or you are starting off. It is not a bad idea to get yourself a gift of Wealth As an Affiliate or visit a site where you can get Gifts and Holidays for your loved ones.

Whether you are a gift buyer, An Affiliate wannabe, a Mom or Dad looking out for your children, a lover who would like to inspire your partner to reach higher goals, Get your loved ones Online Business Gifts.

Please join in the conversation and leave a comment at the bottom.

Thank you for reading.



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  1. I was looking at the Wealthy Affiliate sign up page and it says Jaaxy Enterprise is now included in the Premium Plus membership level and Jaaxy Lite is included in the Premium membership level.  Can you confirm this?  If that’s actually the case, then you can pretty much get Jaaxy for free by joining Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hi Thomas,

      You are 100% correct if you are not currently engaged with another website and also in need of an Affiliate marketing program, you can hit two birds with one stone, by signing up with Wealthy Affiliate. Get Wealthy Affiliate and signup for Premium plus – Jaaxy Enterprise (recommended) or Premium levelJaaxy lite and you will get access to both Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy for the price of one. If you are previously engaged you can still get jaaxy individualy.

      We are looking forwards to seeing you at the Wealthy Affiliate. Should you have more questions please feel free to comment.


  2. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is a major gift for anyone who has ambition. It’s affordable, has great tools, and an amazing support system!

    1. Thank you, Adrian, for taking the time to read through our post. We hope you, could find help through the article. We agree that the Wealthy affiliate is a great way to start your online business. Here is a video to assist you in Joining. We hope you enjoy your time here at Wealthy Affiliate. Click the Video link to Join.

      We welcome you.


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