Talk to Santa Online – Is it real.

Come along and sing with us Santa wants to talk and don’t be afraid little ones, it is time to talk and play with Santa. I remember as a young boy waiting for Santa will all our socks hanging from the stove. We did not have a Fireplace so the stove was the closest thing to an open fireplace. I remember thinking how would get through the stove chimney. Well, we thought if he could somehow fit into an open fireplace chimney he can surely manage the stove chimney.
We left some cookies and milk for him and we waited till we all fell asleep. He never really came, even though we received gifts from Mom and days work place they were not from Santa! Were they?


Book your date with Santa!

We always love to sit on his lap.

I am yet to see a child who would not sit on Santa’s lap and tell him all about how great they have been and how deserving they are of great gifts. Well for all knotty boys and girls there is always a chance to start doing good the year is not yet over. You could always go to the local old age home and Give a Gift of time this Christmas and spend some quality time with All your grand Moms and GranPas out there and Stant will be so impressed and make sure you have your Gifts.

Moms and Dads we know you would still like to sit on Santas lap especially because you did not have many of those moments with Santa as children. Well, you can also join in.

Here comes Santa!

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  1. This is a great Holiday Idea since most of us are not getting into the stores and talking to Santa the old fashioned way isn’t possible.  I have seen this and have offered it to a few people.  We are going to be meeting with our grandchildren who are far away just before Christmas when we talk to Santa.  I remember talking to Santa…. I was excited but terrified.  This year we cant do it in person, but kids and grandkids can join with family members from all over to talk with Santa online.

    1. That is such a wonderful thing. To spend time with your grandchildren. These are the best moments of your life. I wish you well on your visit and hope you have some great moments Talking to Santa. Travel safely and keep safe.

      Happy Holidays.


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