Valentines Day 2021 – My Secrete Valentine!

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I have heard of secrete Santa but not secrete Valentine. I guess it is because Santa has no attachment to one individual as Valentine would towards you? This was the most difficult time of the year back at school. All the cool kids would shine during this time and to the rest of us, it was horrible. This could be one of the reasons they’re so many people who have chosen not to celebrate this day.

Cupid must be doing something wrong unless it is Cupid’s intention to have some people miserable on valentine s while others are celebrating. I suppose this will give Cupid a chance to do Cupid’s magic on the day if there is a couple of million of us that are wishing for love.

A Poem of love.

As I look, into your eyes.

Eyes sleepy, purely brown,

My heart falters and I am filled.

Filled with passion, to hold you.

Hold you closer to my chest.

First, let me confess,

You are my breath today,

a day that is worthy of your presence,

present you with my heart.

Token of my love for you.


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Last year we spoke about the importance of preparation for the day of love. If you have to heed the call you should be well on your way with your preparation whether for your getaway or your special day long the celebration of your love. Sounds like the latter would be more appropriate regarding the new status quo, with regard to Covid19.

What will work now, is to buy something from the Gifts and Holidays, unless you are planning on learning how to prepare lamb shank in less than a month, to surprise your Valentine? What will it be?

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A list of quick Valentine’s Day fixes.

  1. Prepare a simple meal for your loved ones and surprise them with a three-course candle-lit meal when returning from work.
  2. Buy them a Gift of Exquisite Jewelry.
  3. A bottle of erotic perfume.
  4. An expensive bottle of wine.
  5. A Bouquet of aromatic flowers.
  6. A box of assorted Chocolate.
  7. Technology to remind them what day it is.

Who is this Cupid?

Close your eyes and imaging Roman times. Imagine a marble statue of Roman gods. This one is made of a naked baby boy with wings. See this baby boy coming to life and shooting arrows into everyone’s hearts. By doing that he infects the targets with wild Erotic Love. This classical Mythology can be compared to Eros in Greek mythology this is maybe why now we can see cupid as large as Eros. It is believed that Cupid’s target falls in love when Cupid shoots them with bow and arrow.

Why this day is celebrated?

14th February actually becomes Valentine’s day later on in time. There are many theories about a certain Valentine of St Valentine.

One is believed to have been a priest during the time of war in Rome. When young men we prohibited from having relations with a woman and were sent to war. The priest would secretly conduct marriages with the young couples. He was caught and beheaded.

Second, it is believed that a certain Valentine a priest, was found to be secretly having relations with a woman, he was caught and imprisoned. This is also believed to be the actual first message that was sent that relates to messages being sent between lovers at Valentine’s.

Now there is a Saint Valentine of RomeIn the third Century, This Roman Saint is commemorated in Christianity on the 14th of February. His saintly day is associated with Courtly Love.

Saint Valentino is believed to have been a man of the cloth in the Roman Empire and he ministers to persecuted Christians. He was martyred and he was buried at a Christian cemetery on the Via Flaminia.

How these met with Cupid remains to be seen. I think it is a relation that is similar to Santa and Christmas.

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There are many who do not believe in Celebrating Saint Valentines Day. It is probable the same people that refuse to celebrate any other special day. I was once a Valentine. I would go all out, flowers cards, Chocolate gifts. This was fun but my valentine was far. Long-distance relationships?

One year, in a close relationship I did what I would do and went all out, after presenting these gifts to my valentine she broke up and that was the end of my enthusiasm for the day. Well, I still give a love gift to my wife on any other day. Especially because she was not happy, one Valentine’s Day and told me what are flowers for? I misunderstood and thought she did not want to celebrate the day but she was just not into flowers.

You must know what your Valentine is into.

In this post, we share the importance of knowing the person that you are buying for. And to try to refrain from buying for yourself instead of buying for the celebrant. Well, valentine is a bit different though the rules still apply. Some gifts for valentine can be for both lovers. Hear me, “Both Lovers”, not just you and your partner become a prop. Be Fair and your gift will be Fabulous.

Gifts that could potentially be for you and not your, Love.

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Out of these four-items, two should be consensual and the other could be just you try to get your partner to do what they would naturally not do. With consensual gifts, you have to be 100% sure that your partner would love this. Sometimes it is impossible to truly sure as you would not have had a straight conversation leading to that choice. Sometimes women chose to insinuate rather than say exactly what they mean.

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I have had to learn to gather the correct information, and these skills don't come very easily. One day I will share and I tell you buying a gift has never been easier.

In Conclusion.

Valentine's Day is for Romantics and those who aspire to be romantic. We do it because we appreciate those who are to receive gifts. It is a two-way process. If you love someone and you are giving from your heart go for it. Sometimes we are mean to each other but that is not a reason for you to lose the spirit of Amor. I love you.

Thank you for taking the time to read, I hope you will be getting Something special for your special somebody.

Keep loving one another and share the love, by living comment of a message of Love and send them to read that message on our site. The is nothing like a proclamation of your love publicly.


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  1. Hey Ntlhane. 

    Very interesting article. Valentine’s Day is getting close and it’s always good to know a bit of background. To be fair in past I was not a big fan of this day but now, with Covid and all its problems, taking care of the ones we love is more important than ever. Definitely, I will buy something special for my love this year.

    1. That is wonderful news. You have made a wise decision. I agree these times are challenging and it is best to share yourself with your loved ones. You can not go wrong with that. Please feel free to buy from our advertisers. That helps a lot with our business of keeping everyone informed and up to date.

      Thank you, Cogito, for taking the time to visit Gifts and Holidays “All Year Long”. Do call again



  2. Thank you so much for this incredibly insightful article, Ntlhane! As a single woman in my 20s (though I would like to get married one day, if it’s in God’s will for me to do so), I’ve never quite understood the fuss over Valentine’s Day. I’m of the humble opinion that we should love another and show our love to one another everyday, not only on special occasions (I am one of those people who no longer celebrates holidays. Haha). However, for those who choose to recognize Valentine’s Day, you have provided an excellent list of gift ideas! As a woman, I can confidently say that we love flowers, chocolates, perfumes, jewelry and food (one of the ways to my heart is through my stomach. Haha); you can’t go wrong with one of these! I see my married/taken friends and family running around frantically, trying to figure out their V-Day plans-I am going to refer them to your site and this article IMMEDIATELY! Great job! God bless you!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read C.N.

      I think you are correct, we should love each other every day all the time. We actually do but Valentine’s Day offers the opportunity to run frantically planning for our Love. It is not such a bad thing, though I do fully understand where you are coming from. You are a very interesting woman and I believe one day you will make a wonderful wife to a lucky man of God.

      Please do refer your family to my Website, I would really appreciate that.

      Bless you, too.


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