When do We Celebrate Mother’s Day?

I can never imagine how it feels to be a mother on a daily basis. There is a saying in Setswana that when directly translated says “a mother holds the knife on the sharp end”. This refers to all fires that a mother has to deal with when it comes to her children.

No matter how bad the children do Mom, is always there to pick up the pieces. I guess it has to do with the bonding time of mother and child during pregnancy. The bonding continues to grow with time as the child grows. For this reason, Mothers should be celebrated every day for this love that they share with their children until their days as grandmothers.

After all that they are only afforded one day in the year to be celebrated for being mothers. Only one day in the year!

Happy Mothers Day. Mommy Tummy Thank you for Giving us Life.

What does it mean to celebrate Mother’s Day?

Many countries now celebrate this day to honor their mothers for all their work in society, for the upbringing of their children, and rearing of the child in the community. Every country chose a day that suits them to celebrate the day.

The day was celebrated commercially many cultures had similar celebrations already. In the UK the day is celebrated on the fourth week of lent which will be around March 12th This year. For the Brits, the day was called Mothering Day and was celebrated by going to the Mother Church and presenting mothers with a bequest of flowers.

For the US the day was first celebrated as a commemoration of women who are helped wounded soldiers on both sides during the war of independence. Ann Reeves Jarvis a peace activist always wanted to have a day to celebrate women her daughter Anna Jarvis Celebrated a memorial for her mother to make sure her mom’s dream came true and she had passed on. The US government did not accept the day and only a few years after President Wilson signed a declaration in 1911 that passed the day as Mother’s Day. Anna Jarvis was not happy with how the special day was taken from her and how it was being commercialized.

We love you, Mom.

These are the words that you will recognize from greeting cards during this time of the year. Regardless of all the different dates and reasons for the day coming into existence we all celebrate the women who gave us life and continued to be remodels to many young women and men, shaping our society to what it is today.

Mom's Love for a new born. Happy Mother's day.

I always see an image of children in a line coming in to give Mom a hug on the morning of the day, but it is not only children who have mothers. I still send a message of love to my Mom to celebrate her for giving me life.

Not all Mothers are Mothers!

With the way our society has evolved over the years, home dynamics have changed the duties of rearing your children and raising a family has changed. Fathers have taken the roles of home executives while women are not breadwinners. Has this reform changed the idea of motherhood? Children of same-sex parents are celebrating both mothers and what about male parents? Are some children not celebrating Mother’s day? What is a mother?

In no way can a man ever bear a child but in many ways, men have raised children on their own. I am interested to know if children raised by their fathers recognize their mother in the male who raised them. Well, this is a question and a topic for another day.

Happy Father's Day. Daddy Feeds baby.

For now, let’s celebrate moms for being moms.

There are different types of moms and which ones are we celebrating should there be a criterion of who gets to be honored? Teen mothers who fell pregnant at a very young age, I have seen grandmothers being referred to as moms and teen moms as Jane or Sarah! Surely they are mothers who carried life into this world. How does one decide?

I have gone as far as celebrating anyone who raises a child and questioned the importance of gender in this question. Are a woman and a mother the same thing? If so why do we celebrate these titles separately?

What Gifts are befitting a deserving mom?

Generally, the size or the worth of a gift does not determine what caliber of the recipient is being honored. But everyone will want to give the biggest bouquet and the most expensive set of earrings/jewelry as if the one who gives the most, loves’ mom the most. Is that the case?

So what is the most appropriate gift to give? When you were young the best gift was being at home and sharing the message of love to mommy. Being there physically to prepare burnt toast or pancakes was the most loving gesture you would do to celebrate mom. Moms are still yearning to spend time with their children.

Like I have shared in my article about choosing the right gift. It is not about you or the amount of money we spent but about thoughtfulness in your gifting. But if you can afford it and you want to you can spoil your loved one’s rotten.

Some of the best gifts will include:

A bunch of flowers from your garden.

With the state of the economy, these days it is great to start is the most affordable. Flowers in your garden are the best option. You only need to pick, them and arrange them, accompanied by a perfect note in a form of a letter to your mom.

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Breakfast in bed made with Love.

If the pantry is fully stocked sometime in the kitchen is great to prepare something delectable for mommy. A breakfast from haven with all the bits that mom loves’ so much.

A gift basket with all the goodies that mom will love.

Hit 10 birds with one stone, a gift basket is an opportunity to share the world with your mom. Anything under the moon can go in there. When you get a prepacked basket gift you can always top it up with all you like to add.

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A bottle of perfume.

This remains an old tradition, I call I the lasting scent of flowers. Perfume, unlike fresh flowers, will last till the next Mother’s day in the meantime Mom will cherish your thoughtfulness each time she put on the automatic scent that she loves.

A box/slab of chocolate.

A great box of classy Chocolate, one bite for every moment Moms feel like holding on to their precious baby. Great chocolate also last and knowing mom, she will probably keep the chocolate for the days you visit and rather enjoy it with you than when she is alone.


Nothing says I appreciate you more than a great piece of Jewelry. A gift you have always heard your Mom saying she would love. The single mother who sacrificed most of their wants to make sure you got the best of everything that you would ever want.

A weekend away with your loving Mother.

Knowing Moms are forever working or taking care of the ones they love, never taking time out to take care of themselves. Think SPA – Relaxation and Repeat for a weekend is more than what our heroines deserve some R&R. Never take for granted how much a day SPA could do for a Human Body.

My take on this Awesome Honorary day is.

There is no one more deserving than our Mothers to be horned this way. There is no gift in the world that is worthy of my Mom except the love and appreciation I have for the life I received when I gatecrashed my way into this world. Believe it or not, I heard this phrase first from her My Mom, Life-giver, and Mother Nature Nation builder.

Take time to celebrate them this coming Mother’s Day and belated one to the Brits. Make every day a Mother’s day to remember. If you fail you have next year but not if it is an everyday thing.

Happy Mother’s Day 2021.03.20



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  1. Mothers are a true gem or should I say good mothers. There are so much of themself that they give to ensure that the home is a happy place. Like its always said, there is nothing like a mothers love. A mother’s love is so deep so lets honor them for their great contribution.

  2. Great article on Mother’s Day. This brings back a lot of memories. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi William,

      Have a look at, “What is the best Beer/Wine/Cheese of the Month Club”, for more ideas on gifts for Mother’s Day. We wish you all the best.

  3. Hi Ntlhane
    Thank you for these lovely Mother’s Day gift ideas. Really appreciated.

    1. You are most welcome Louise and thank you for taking the time to read.
      We are glad we could offer some assistance. Have a look at, “What is the best Beer/Wine/Cheese of the Month Club”, for more ideas on gifts for Mother’s Day. We wish you all the best.

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