Where to Buy Basketball Sneakers – Reebok Question MID?

There is a time in your life when you feel like you are on top of the world. That time for me has been when I feel very energetic and healthy. As a student at Tech, I walked long distances whether it was to class or to go catch a bus or a train. Well running after a train was a norm and the train times could never be confirmed, so we had to be ready to run all the time.

I would not have caught any of the rides if I was inappropriately dressed.  We saw many left behind and some fell short because of the clothes they wore or their shoes. College is a very difficult environment and we could cope because we dressed as if we were on the sports field and we were ready for any cation. So when society looks down on those wearing sports clothes for every activity, to Work, School, and even Church, 24/7, we know we are ready for any action.

It has been a long while since I wore sporty clothes. I remember vividly the freedom I got from my sports shoes, tights, and tracksuit.  Well if I could afford it I would always wear sports gear for all my activities.  Some people even thought I was a sportsperson of some sort. I have never stayed in one sport to become totally efficient in it but I have done anything I could pronounce and walk in the room or field it was practiced.

My first sports shoe crush.

I remember a bright red pair of North-Stars. We had gone shopping with my mom and she was going to get us Clothes for Christmas, this was a culture in South African Townships to get new clothes for Christmas.  We did not so much do gifts but every child you meet in the streets would be wearing new clothes on Christmas day. We had already chosen outfits and we were off to complete the collections with shoes. I agree I needed a semiformal close to casual shoe, when I saw the “Red North-Star” I was breath taken and knew I needed these shoes.

Basketball Sneakers hanging on the rim, Happy Birthday Shoes.

I never got the shoe and my mother was not impressed that I was not happy. She thought I was ungrateful and undeserving. I never got over the fact that I could not get the shoes and my Christmas day was spoiled.  I spent the day being miserable and teary. Everyone was making fun of the shoes I got eventually; I guess I never paid attention to what I was getting after realizing I could not get what I wanted.

I still carried the pain till I was a father I remember getting my daughter a pair of Red Adidas while traveling in Holland. They were not for Christmas but it felt great to impose these on my daughter.  This is not a good way or a great reason to get someone a Gift. Like I have said in my processes to buy gifts for our loved ones, I say, remember the buy is not for you but the gift receiver. I knew I was wrong but I did it anyway.  In the end, it all worked out as she was happy with her red shoes.

Dial up your gift-giving with the gift of strength. ‘Tis the season to sweat.

The best fit.

It is not easy to get the best fit when you buy shoes it is best to be physically present to fit the shoes before you buy. I have failed to do this even when I have taken my boy to the shop with me for some reason I still got him a small size. The Shop assistants are never there when you need them. The worst is when I went to get myself a pair and ended up still getting the size incorrect. This was quite recent, about 8 years ago.  You can see it has been a long while since I spoiled myself with a good pair of sports shoes.

Once I was able to get the best fit and it turned out to be an uneven size number, 7 and a Half. These were the best fit for me and I am yet to find my perfect fitting size.

Hopefully, now I can. The last time I could get the uneven sizes I was in Capet Town, the last time I tried I could not get one. The best thing about shopping online is, you have a worldwide search on your size model and color.

Let’s window shop from one of my favorite brands Reebok, shall we look at Three pairs?

REEBOK X HOT ONES: Kick up the spice with the Question Mid or extinguish the heat with the refreshingly cool Classic Leather Legacy.

 Reebok X Hot One’s Question MID Men’s Basketball Shoes.


  • Full-grain leather upper with suede toeScoville Level Basketball Shoes. Happy Birthday Shoes.
  • Soft Hexalite Hexagonal Cushioning
  • EVA midsole
  • Comes in Red/ Black / Yellow Filament
  • Mid-cut
  • Lace closure
  • High-abrasion rubber outsole
  • Chicken wing Graphic on Sockliner
  • Product code: GV7093

These are Allen Iverson’s Signature Shoes with a Hot Wings-inspired design. My Friends would have killed for a key signature pair of shoes like this one. While I was ok with any shoe under my feet, trying out the sport after school was an exhilarating experience, I even got the courage to try it out at College for the college team played a few games and really enjoyed it.

These hot wings inspired blended into a B-ball culture are an Artistic expression that brings the sport and culinary world close together. “The last Dab” Brings the heat on when you wear them Designed in collaboration with a viral show “Hot ones” the Allen Iverson shoes add some Burning heat to the collection.

The Leather upper comes in a fiery neon red color to fit the theme. The midsole has a spicy graphic splashed on, also on the heel adds a fierce look with a custom tongue label that takes it to the maximum with a Scoville heat scale. It is all brought together by a mosaic on the sock liner of wings, refreshments, and source.

Customers are going crazy on Iverson’s.  One customer says as soon as the new Iverson’s design comes out he is ready to drop whatever shoes he has and get the Iverson’s. Well, that is totally dependent on the design which is never disappointing to the fans.

Red Basketball Sneakers Screenshot
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 Question Men’s Basketball Shoes


  • Full-grain leather upper
  • Hexalite Hexagonal Cushioning
  • EVA midsole
  • Comes in: Black / Ftwr White/
  • Textile lining
  • Lace closure
  • Abrasion rubber outsole
  • Product Code: GX5260

These Awesome pairs have been refashioned or rather recreated from the 2001 Original. Signature Ball Style showing off colorway straight from 2001 archive. The Reebok Question has an ice outsole and soft full-grain leather upper. The leather upper captures the feeling of heritage. “Why not us”? Is printed on the tongue referencing the iconic post-game interview quote from Allen Iverson.

The Question Mid “Why Not Us?” showcases how swiftly The Answer answered everyone’s doubts.
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Minion Question Basketball shoe.


  • Mixed Material upper with nubuck details
  • Soft Hexalite Hexagonal Cushioning
  • Reversible sockliner with custom movie-inspired graphics
  • Comes in: Silver Met / Scarlet/Black
  • “Rise of Gru” molded and graphic Details
  • Rubber outsole
  • Product Code: FW7548

Go “inside the Mind” with Chris Hill, Reeboks most evil Villain senior design manager for poo culture for a first-hand look at the collection’s polarizing footwear design.

A fan says they are so cute they don’t want to wear them now. The details are so great they remind you of the movie.

Great Basketball Sneakers Silver.
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Here are some Pros.

  • Wow, there are choices for a tight fit or loses fit when it comes to size.
  • Use the online shoe Size Guide to get your fitting size – Measure the length of your foot from hill to toe and refer to the online table.
  • Free Size exchanges for 30 days and free return service.

My take on these awesome shoes.

I Would really like one of those for my Birthday. If you’re feeling generous get a pair for me and one for yourself, a great way to spoil yourself on your Birthday. A good reason to get gifts you could never get when you were young. Buying for a friend or your loved ones is a great way to encourage an active existence. The Quality is undeniable and the lightness is inviting for active loved ones.

The price is on the steep side for a newbie, but worthwhile to the Basketball Fans. Be real and get a Pair. There is more in the Reebok store if you are interested. Something for men and something for Women. Enjoy your shopping, I am glad we could go window shopping together.



Get him the gifts that keep on giving. Joy. Now in season.

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  1. Hello Ntlhane

    Thanks so much for sharing, this post is like it was written directly to me. Although I`m no longer as active in sports as I used to be, sneakers to me are still the best shoes ever manufactured.

    Heels make me waddle and the only shoes I feel comfortable in are sneakers, not to mention they fit almost any occasion, I can sprint for the bus(ok maybe sprint at a lower speed and only a few meters), stand all day, go shopping, running and play sports or even a night out in sneakers. Something you can`t do with heels.

    Now I must admit I don`t remember owning any pair of Reebok sports shoes in the past, I`ve always gone with Nike or Adidas cloud foam but after reading your post, I feel it`s time I changed direction. I will check the Reebok store and see if they have something not so bulky.

    1. Hi Roamy,

      I do agree, the Reebok Question Mid looks a ted bit bulky as do most mid-cuts. The surprise will get is when you put them on and realize how light they are on the foot. There are short-cuts that look slimmer and would be up your lane, check out the Reebok Nano X1.  

      Thank you, for taking the time to read.


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