Why do we celebrate Christmas in December -What other month could we?

We started this year in celebration, as we coined the year, the year twenty plenty, we were met by challenges many of us thought we would not survive. With great loss and strive we have emerged at the end with whatever we could salvage from the year of Plenty.

Whether good or bad we each have come out with a very interesting history to share. What history will you be sharing in years to come of the year of the plenty? I have chosen to celebrate the Gifts and Holidays that led to the creation of this Amazing Online Connection with the World. Wishing you greatness as we enter the era of prosperity giving Gifts and holidays whenever, Where ever we can “All life Long”.

The time for giving and sharing never ends. (Preamble)

We have recently celebrated Christmas with our loved ones. I have to say this year was a special one for me. I would have never seen this new perspective of this wonderful day if it was not for the unique events of this year. As a point of departure, let’s ask, why do we celebrate Christmas? Is it a Christian Feast of the Lord? Is it a Pagan feast? Why so many variations of what the day is for? And lastly why is the day special for me?

Why do we celebrate Christmas?

Let’s start in the now! Many of us celebrate the day because we were taught to celebrate the day. If you were brought up in a household the observed the day as a special day and had events that became ritual year after year as you grew into the adult that you are today, you may be just continuing the tradition that was passed down to you by your guardians, that they received from their parents (your grandparents) and so on the generational transfer of traditions.

Some might have just picked it up from what the media have sold through commercialization through Television, Movies, World Wide Web, and most recently social media. Throughout the year’s marketers and advertisers have worked relentlessly to create a platform that assists in selling moments that could lead to a perpetual state of buying, sales, needing something to complete oneself through a never-ending range of Media.

To the novice, it could be age-old Cultural or Religious traditions that are specific to a group of people- a Tribe, Nation belonging to a specific era in time. These might have evolved in time but still, carry the sentiment of the old in our modern society. The difference between the first group of rationalists and the last group mentioned is: The first is influenced still by trends and social transformation and the letter are rooted in centuries-old or historic traditions rooted in religion.

Is Christmas, the feast of the Lord?

Too many believers it is. Even though they do not present a united front, this is due to the uncertainty of when Christ was born. Christ was born into Jewish traditions. So we would naturally think he celebrated all Jewish Celebrations. Well, during His life He would have never celebrated Christmas, but he would have celebrated His birthday. That is where the uncertainty comes it tends to be inconclusive when Christ was born.

It is presumed that according to the church, if the day celebrated as the day that Mary received the great news about the Holy Conception was the day first day of her pregnancy then nine months after that day would be the day Christ was born. On this day the church celebrates a Mass of the Communion of the Eucharist – this when Catholics break bread and drink wine in memory of Christ’s crucifixion. The Mass is celebrated as Mass of the Eucharist (Midnight Mass) Christ’s Mass – Christmas.

It is speculated that the Jewish people would have celebrated a feast of Booths at this time. A celebration that commemorates their time in the desert after their freedom from the Egyptians, the forty years in the desert, is celebrated by building booths and spending time in tents and they did in the desert. This would make the connection, that most Jews would come to Jerusalem for this feast (a good time for the Roman Empire to conduct censors and many of it its people would be in the City. As the story of Mary and Joseph is told that it was the time of the censors and there was no room in the inns.

Is it a Pagan feast?

Scientifically, a Solstice is when the Sun reaches its most Southerly or Northerly excursion in relation to the Equatorial line, rendering the shortest day with the presence of light. These are the two days that occur on June 21 and December 21. The Scandinavians celebrated the feast of the winter Solstice – a celebration of new life coming after the winter season. On this day they looked forward to being able to gather food and a promise for new life and prosperity. The day was celebrated by decorating their dwellings with evergreen plants and indulging in the rest of their winter supplies celebration the end of winter.

This is where the tradition of using/decorating the tree and bringing trees into the homes. Legend has it that once as pagans were in celebration of the Evergreen trees a certain Saint-Boniface was sent to convert German pagans. He broke down a pagan ceremony and cut a tree that was being used for the ceremony. Later a stub grew from the cut tree and the saint made reference to Christ rising from the dead and this was from then, seen as the cymbal that Christ is born.

The German Christians then celebrated with decorated evergreen trees in the house. This tradition was later popularized by Queen Victoria in England. It is speculated that she had visited Germany and she wanted to do something special for the Brits, others think she had known of the German tradition as she was of German descent. Queen Victoria decorated a tree and a picture that was published worldwide. It was years later when the trend started gaining momentum and Americans first saw the tree in a house as a pagan ritual. The idea grew and after time it was seen as a good way of marketing Christmas and getting everyone involved.

How are there so many variations?

Like I mentioned at the beginning, everyone has their take of the day. And finding what speaks to you on this great feast day that the world celebrates, is everyone’s choice. Finding meaning is a step in the direction to start celebrating. Some people will look at the negatives that contribute to the day. It is a way to imprison the world to spend during this time – hence many more people will not celebrate the day.

In conclusion.

Christian or pagan; Jewish or Scandinavian Solstice; German, English or American; Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or Yuletide; Christmas, Xmas, Noel or Nativity, It is the time to celebrate. Whether you are giving gifts or receiving them. Where there are joy and love I would rather be there for the whole year.

Welcome the new Season 2021 with us at Gifts and Holidays. Finding a reason to be jolly should be your first priority. We are planning to be there “all year long”. Celebration after celebration, holiday after holiday.

Thank you for being with us in our first quarter. We look forwards to many more years to come.

Yours always,


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