Z Grill ZPG 450A 2020 Review – 2020 Upgrade!

Z Grills ZPG

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Brand: Z Grills

Price: $365.20

Model: 2020 Upgrade

Power: Wood Pellets

Color: Bronze

Materials: Stainless Steel, Metal.

Weight: 85 pounds

Cooking temperature: 180°F to 450°F, with an internal temperature sensor and digital controlled electronic Auto ignition.


  • Total LXBXH 45x 28x 49
  • Grill Area: 324 square inch
  • Smoking / Warming rack 128square inch

What a great pellet smoker grill.

This is a supper 8-in 1 Barbecue / Braai wood fire, Pellet Grill. With this mean machine you can Braai/Barbecue; Smoke; Grill; Char Grill; Sear; Bake; Roast and Braise. I bought a pack of wood without thinking why the Chicken Braai so well cooked and juicy that my guest came for seconds and thirds. When I asked, what was it that made them come for more they said the flavor was out of this world?

The great gift of good food.

Well, it was not the herbs; I only had some type, garlic black pepper, and salt. I was sitting outside with a dying fire I could smell something peculiar with the wood pellets. It was the secret ingredient. I have been experimenting with different kinds of wood since then.

Wood has been the best ingredient in any BBQ/Braai. Whether you smoke intentionally or just Braai the wood if it is the good stuff – will make your food the best. That is the Pellet grill technology try it and you will not want to go back to the convenience of Gas and Carbon grills. Furthermore, the pellets are cost-effective; you can get 2hours of cooking time for only 2lb of pallets. Do you Due Diligence when it comes to Gas or Coal.

Enjoy your Cooking.

No need for babysitting the Grill once you have set your required temperatures you are set to cook. Consistent results all the time – PID technology keeps the tightest temperature possible throughout your cooking for consistent results.

The 2020 Upgrade fixed all the known issues and provides a newly upgraded digital control board to auto-ignite the grill and allows you to set the cooking temperature from 180°F to 450°F.

Will all equipment there is bound to be some Ups and downs:

Z Grill ZPG 450A Pros

  • Easy to use.
  • Keep consistent temperature throughout the cook.
  • Gives flavor to your cook.
  • Have multiple uses
  • Rustproof cove and racks
  • Heavy-duty all-terrain wheels
  • Cost-effective both on price and fuel

Z Grill ZPG 450A Cons

  • Must use the only pellet for the Grill
  • Not so great to use in the rain

In conclusion

What is so great about this Grille is there has been consistency in improving on the original product. The 2020 Upgrade is an improvement to the Z Grill. This is due to the user writing in and reviewing the product and sharing their experiences. Give yourself sometime after you purchase and share with us by commenting right below and share in the Gift & Holidays spirit of giving great Gifts!

I am looking forward to your insightful comments.

I give this great piece of technology a resounding,

4, 5 out of 5 Stars.

Thank you, for reading, liking, and sharing.


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  1. This is such an informative review of a fantastic sounding grill! I don’t need one of these at the moment as it’s winter here in the UK, but definitely something to consider for the summer. I’m really enjoying your website and reviews! How much is this please? I couldn’t see a price?

    1. I am so happy that you like The Grill, I totally agree that it is cool. I would like to get one myself. Funny thing one memory of a winter braai comes to mind I am not sure if it was good or bad but thinking of it brings back a good memory. I guess summer or winter a braai/ BBQ will always leave us great memories.

      Happy holidays.


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